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Eco Farm (The Backbone of Slovenia)

Sustainability. It’s a concept that’s seeping from every pore of human society and is becoming an indispensable part of the way we do everything. And rightly so. From the technology we use to the food we eat; all will determine the future quality of life on this planet.  Agriculture is no exception. In fact, our..

Slovenia’s Farm to Table Food Scene

Do you want to enjoy authentic, homemade delicacies? Or an entire meal constructed from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients? Slovenia is the place to eat and be healthy!

Become one with nature

Living off the land used to be a way of life for most of the people in Slovenia. Farming meant respecting nature that provided food and other essentials for living. Whole families were actively involved in farm life and would contribute to the day to day work process.

4 Health Benefits of Slovenian Honey

There’s a reason honey is called liquid gold – it has numerous health benefits and healing properties. For over 2000 years honey has been used in our diets and also in medicine for treating many different health issues. It’s very important to use high-quality honey though, as it has the highest concentration of the good..

Best Farm Experience in Slovenia

If you are curious how a traditional Slovenian farm looks like, you’re in luck as Slovenia has plenty of them. With lots of unspoiled nature, there are numerous opportunities for farming and younger generations are stepping in. If you want to have real farm experience and rolling up your sleeves instead of just observing, then..


One of the farm activities you’ll be able to experience (provided it’s the right weather and time of the year) is planting potatoes! Potato likes cool weather so the best time to plant it is within two weeks of last spring frost. This is important because frost can decrease your potato yield, leaving you with..


Corn was historically, and still is very important grain for Slovenian farms. It was used to feed farm animals and make a variety of dishes – spoon-bread with pork cracklings, corn flour was combined with wheat flour to make bread. Cornbread with milk was also one of the Slovenian traditional breakfasts. It was planted on..


Kefir is a fermented milk drink, made using a culture of yeasts and bacteria. An interesting fact is that because kefir is fermented, most lactose intolerant people can actually drink kefir. It has a similar taste to yoghurt and shares a couple more characteristics with yoghurt – they are both traditionally made from dairy and..

7 Fun Things To Do On a Farm

A visit to an authentic farm is a unique and special experience. You can find out all about the history of farming and the differences between how it was done in the old day compared to nowadays. But probably the best part of it is to explore how it feels to be an actual farmer…